Titusville HS Kitchen Renovation

Titusville, FL

<img src="https://www.heardconstruction.com/uploads/2019/04/img-8261-adj.jpg" alt="IMG_8261-ADJ.jpg" >

Renovation of Serving Lines in Building 16 Cafeteria.

The Problem

You can see when you take a look at the site that it didn’t clearly show who they were and it really hard to tell…what they even did.

The main thing was they got no leads from their website and it didn’t help forward their existing sales process.

The Challenge

Staying on brand while communicating very clearly what it is that they did and for who.

This needed to be done while maintaining a reasonable budget.


They got a brand new website that they are very happy with, is clear what they do and who they do it for and are already getting an increase in leads!