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Frank M. Johnson, Jr. Federal Building and United States Courthouse, Montgomery, AL

Removed and replaced existing carpet in bankruptcy court, district administrative offices, Courtroom 2F and associated offices, jury room, attorney area and vestibules.


 Interior Renovation

​​Richard B. Russell Federal Building, Atlanta, GA

HCI renovated ten private restrooms in judges’ suites. Work included demolition and replacement of walls, floors, fixtures and tile.


 Tunnel Repair

​​Martin Luther King, Jr. and Richard B. Russell Federal Buildings, Atlanta, GA

Design and construction including demolition, repair and replacement of floor, wall and ceiling finish material in the tunnel connecting the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building and the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and Courthouse in Atlanta. Work components included installation of a metal roof system, electrical, plumbing, paint, fire sprinkler relocation, flooring, and light fixtures.​


 Exterior Lighting / HVAC

​​Sam Nunn Federal Building, Atlanta, GA

In two separate projects, HCI furnished and installed HVAC and installed exterior lighting upgrades which connected to existing building automation system lighting controls and work included replacement of bollards, addition of new bollards, wiring,  and building surface light mounts.​


 Wall Covering

​​J. Roy Rowland Federal Courthouse, Dublin, GA

Repaired wall finishes on the first and second floors ​.